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Deciding to Choose Granite Countertops

Enduring Life Cycle

Natural stone stands up to weathering and time better than any other building material, natural or man-made. This has been proven through the ages. The Egyptian pyramids, the Parthenon, or any ancient city offer lessons that demonstrate natural stone is the most sustainable building material available.


When choosing to install a stone floor or countertop. You are making a decision to use a product that will last for at least 100 years in many cases and certainly for the life of the building in most.


Every slab of granite is different from the next. That is the natural beauty of granite countertops. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from too.

Low Maintenance

Some synthetic (man-made) surfaces scratch easily, while the hardness of the minerals comprising most granites surpasses that of the utensils that are used on them, resulting in excellent scratch resistance. The knife will dull before it will damage the granite countertop. Granite is typically heat resistant up to temperatures of ±250°C (±480°F), making it easy to cook because you and go from stove to countertop without worrying about burning the granite countertop. Although the direct application of localized heat sources is discouraged since strong thermal gradients within the stone can initiate cracking. Studies of bacteria retention on common countertop surfaces have proven granite to be superior to the majority of surfaces employed for that purpose. Granite is said to be 99% bacteria-free.

Summary of Benefits

- 99%bacteria free.

- Knife will dull before scratching the granite.

- Heat resistant, go from stove to countertop without burning granite.

- Every slab of granite is unique.

- Granite withstands the test of time, house can catch fire and granite will still

remain intact.

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